It has been found that huge number of poor people and road side underprivileged people are battling for day to day food for life. We have identified more than 1000 of most deserved including road side underprivileged people, single elderly, destitute women and unskilled daily wagers living in hutments in Chennai area.

It is our utmost duty to feed the hunger and extend our helping hands to them. As per the guidelines of the Government and Chennai Corporation we are providing dry groceries and Cooked Food to the Needy.

Food distributed to 500 people every day for road side people.

“Our Sincere Thanks to Pothys for the unconditional Humanitarian Support“

There are huge people living in road side without shelter and cooking utensils, It has been found necessary to provide hygienic cooked food for the needy.  We are distributing every day around 500 food with water to road side people in Chennai area.

This Project is effectively carried out by Thiru Lenin Anand and Team.

Also, We have distributed 100 family pack food materials to single elderly, destitute women and needy.

Cook House at Kundrathur

We established Dedicated Cook House for Kundrathur area since more than 200 road side people are living in and around many temples in Kundrathur. Also we support 25 families of Irular Community next to Murugan Temple. Every day we are providing food for 200 people  in the Kundrathur area. This project is well executed by Thiru Thirumalai and Team.