Counseling & Psychotherapy

How long is a session?

Sessions will usually last fifty minutes to one hour. This can be adapted to your needs and should be discussed with your therapist.

How long does it take?

Therapy can be just a few sessions and sometimes even one session may be enough. It may continue over several weeks or months. This depends on your individual situation. Your chosen therapist should discuss this with you before and during your course of therapy.

How often will I see my therapist?

Many people see their therapist once a week, but the frequency can vary according to your need and the type of therapy being offered.

After first Counselling and Before begin therapy, therapist will explain you about the process and duration of the therapy so that you know what the plan is from the start.

What information will I have to share with my therapist?

It is your choice what you tell your therapist; however it may be helpful to give them an idea of what has brought you to therapy to enable the process to be effective. 

Can I bring a friend?

This is not generally accepted in individual therapy. However,  if there are communication difficulties, it may be helpful to have an interpreter in the room. If you feel you need someone with you, group therapy may be an option for you.

Yoga Therapy

I am more than 60 years of age. Can I practice yoga?

Yoga has no age limit. Anyone can practice yoga at any age.

What type of yoga suits me?

Discuss with your yoga therapist about the type of yoga that suits you better

What is the main purpose of yoga?

The main purpose of yoga is to create strength, awareness and happiness in Body, breathe and mind

Is yoga related to any particular religion?

No. Yoga is not related to any particular religion. In fact, Yoga is a science.

Are there any side effects of practicing yoga?

When practiced under the supervision of a yoga trainer, there are no side effects and has ONLY positive effects.

Do you need to quit gym work out while doing yoga workout?

Yoga compliments the exercises done in the Gym. It helps the body from burning out or getting exhausted.

How do I get a better posture or maintain balance in my asana?

In the yoga sutras, Sage Patanjali has given two methods to deepen your sadhana. First is Practice, Abhyasa. The more your practice the better is the postures. The key factor is not to force your body or mind but to gently improve the posture using breathe as a tool. Second is Vairagya, dispassion. Mentally surrendering to the postures and not comparing or analyzing.

How often I should practice yoga?

20 minutes of daily practice is better than 2 hours of occasional practice.

Past Life Regression Therapy

If a person regressed into a Past-life sees something traumatic or unpleasant; will it not have a negative impact?

Absolutely not.

Is it Possible that a person undergoing regression gets stuck in the trance State/past life and can’t come back normal?


If we really had past lives, would we not remember them automatically?

Only those memories are revealed which have significance.

If I undergo Regression and experience one or more past lives, will I be able to remember the experience after the session?


How many sessions do I need to take?

Depends on the individual and issues. Three sessions more than sufficient.

I do not have specific problem. However, I am curious to know my past lives. Is it still all right to undergo PLR?


Are past-life visions merely a figment of our imagination?

 There is always a connection to our life.

How one should plan and prepare for Regression?

Just have an open mind.

Does a Therapist control clients mind?

A therapist can never control client, against his will.