The COVID-19 disease has achieved pandemic status. The World Health Organization has issued guidelines for managing the problem from both biomedical and psychological points of view.

Coronavirus affects mental health in a dreadful volume and intensity throughout the world and also affected India at large.

In reality, as per the psychological view, we don’t think there is a single human being who is not feeling some degree of stress or anxiety. The intensity and impact may diverse from person to person.

The Role of Counselor

Counselor to address following issues, faced by the public due to Corona Virus (COVID-19) are as given below

Nervousness, fears of contamination, constant reassurance seeking behaviors, panic attacks, sleep disturbance, excessive worry and feelings of helplessness, probability of an economic slowdown, potential job losses, financial burden, uncertainty about future possibilities, Fears of running out of food and necessities etc, are some major triggering factors to depression and anxiety and further worsening depression may leads to severe mental health issues and suicidal thoughts.

In addition to this, withdrawal symptoms. It is the need of the hour, to manage them effectively.

Dos and Don'ts


Counseling must be related to mental health issues of Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Counseling should be only on Phone call (Voice Call).

Ensure patient’s willingness

Be polite always

Counseling session to be within 30 min

Collect details of Name, Sex, Age, Mobile Number, Address. Same to be submitted to MMF.

Ask open ended questions whenever possible

Make sure that patient must understand about his/her problem

Maintain ethics of counselling

Every day updates on counseling to be submitted to MMF via Email

Proper records to be maintained



No medicine to be prescribed

Don’t be harsh with patient

Absolute Free Counseling, no Charges or any favor to be asked

Don’t be too insistent to reveal patient’s personal issues

Do not disclose your place, address, personal details to the patient

No personal calls to patient

No WhatsApp and video communication with the patient

No Personal Relationship with patient

If any legal issues individual will be held responsible  


It’s is a strong rcommendation from MMF, Every Counselors must read FAQ issued by Goverment of India. Download